Just as you would take preventative measures to protect yourself from other illnesses or injuries, it pays to protect yourself from hearing loss caused by exposure to loud music, gun shots, etc.

Sounds That May Damage Hearing

Workplace or industrial noise, gunfire, loud music and other common everyday sounds louder than 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss.

Just how loud is 85 decibels? Check out the decibel ratings and permissible exposure times provided by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (NIOSH/CDC)

Intensities of Common Sounds in Decibels

Intensities of Sound

Possible Exosure Time

City Traffic,
inside the car

85 dB

8 hours


88 dB

4 hours

Jazz Concert

91 dB

2 hours

Power Mower

94 dB

1 hour


97 dB

30 minutes

Ambulance Siren,
inside driver window down

100 dB

15 minutes

Rock Concert,
Leaf Blower

115 dB

30 seconds

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Early treatment is the most effective treatment.

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A complete listing of over 1700 noises and their corresponding decibel levels, is available at Exposure Time Guidelines.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

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