It is natural to want to help a loved one suffering from the effects of hearing loss. Being with or around someone who has trouble hearing is frustrating. It strains everyone including friends and family, particularly when you know that corrected hearing can drastically improve our loved ones quality of life.

Untreated hearing loss can cause one to lose confidence, withdraw socially, become isolated and depressed. We have personally observed that what appears to be memory loss or dementia was actually hearing loss.

Trying to get a loved one to take action and deal with their hearing loss isn’t easy (do the words “stubborn” and “prideful” come to mind?), but it is the right thing to do.

We have helped many concerned family members and friends, just like you, who want to share the gift of better hearing with your loved ones. We can help you with what to do and what to say.

Don’t wait!

Early treatment is the most effective treatment.

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We Deliver Better Hearing

Mary D.
Indianapolis, IN
"Love my new hearing aids. Manan Hearing has helped me hear the birds sing"
Robert K.
Hoosier Village
Indianapolis, IN
"I can now participate in all my retirement community's events without struggling to hear. Thank you Manan Hearing!"
Lori K.
Greencastle, IN
"Manan Hearing professionals have given my father excellent care and support. They're always ready to help."
Bradley C.
Evansville, IN
"When I go shooting I always wear my earplugs made by Manan Hearing. I can leave them in all day, they are so comfortable."


  • Express your concerns about hearing loss with them directly. Don’t beat around the bush. Be tactful and fully aware that it is normal to be defensive when you bring up the subject. No one likes to admit that it is their hearing loss that is the problem.
  • Encourage a visit with us, but don’t argue about it, that is a lose-lose situation. 
  • Schedule a hearing evaluation with us. Let your loved one know you did it because you care for them. 
  • Some will flatly refuse to go, which tells you that this isn’t a priority.

We can help!  Talk to us.

We Deliver Better Hearing

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