Custom Molded Hearing Protection

At Manan Hearing Care, we believe in and strongly encourage hearing loss prevention. You need to protect your hearing. To make this happen, we offer a full-range of custom molded hearing protection.  We have custom molded hearing protection for chain saw users, industrial workers, construction workers, roofers, heavy machinery operators, mechanics, pilots, race car drivers, motorcyclists, or hunters.

Custom Molded Musician Hearing Protection and In Ear Monitors

Most musicians don’t wear hearing protection. Did you know that there is hearing protection and In-Ear-Monitors specifically designed for musicians and recording engineers that allow for a clear and natural sound quality. If you ruin your hearing, the music is over. Call our office for more details.

Custom Molded Swimplugs

For those folks that need to avoid getting water into their ears, custom molded swimplugs are the answer. Whether it is watersports or an everyday shower, consider our swim/earplugs. They’re custom molded for everyday comfortable use. They float, hard to lose and come in a multitide of colors. Manan Hearing Care has been making custom earplugs for over two decades.

Industrial Hearing Protection

Approximately 23 million American workers are exposed to hazardous levels noise at work, causing over $241 million dollars a year to be on worker’s compensation claims.

Loud, constant noise all day can cause permanent hearing loss. Loud sudden noise, such as gunfire, can damage your hearing in an instant.

With our custom molded hearing protection, you can significantly reduce hearing loss. 

Law Enforcement/First Responder Hearing Protection

If you are a police officer, you know how important your sense of hearing is to your situation awareness. In the past, you may have experienced a situation where firing your weapon has temporarily reduced your ability to hear clearly. The potential damage to your hearing could be severe and could result in permanent hearing loss.

First Responders who are exposed to sirens and other life saving equipment are exposed to high levels of hearing damaging noise.

The number one disability for first responders is hearing loss.  It is so important to protect your hearing.  Once that cat is out of the bag, it can’t be put back in.


Hearing Protection for Hunters And Shooters

As much as 50 percent of all shooters suffer some degree of hearing loss. Generally, noise over 90 decibels are harmful to our hearing over extended periods. Gunfire exceeds 130 decibels and requires you to use quality hearing protection. 

Hunters require the ability to hear soft sound, while still protecting from the impact of  a muzzle blast. Fortunately, hunters have many options for protection. 

Manan fits HearGuard and ShootersEar Electronic hearing protection products to enhance ambient sound, but protect you from damaging loud sounds. You can hear game movement in the bush, but reduce the muzzle blast down to a safe level. This prevents damage to your ears. 

Musician Hearing Protection

Professional musicians work in such a loud environment that tinnitus, hypersensitivity and sound distortion may result.

Traditional earplugs don’t work well for the musicians. Earplugs reduce sound by muffling low to mid range frequencies. Manan’s custom molded MusicianEars are the answer. They can protect musician’s ears from loud sounds without distorting the music. In-ear monitors enhance the musical experience whether you’re a professional musician or just a fan. 

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