Manan Hearing sources only the finest hearing aids from the best hearing aid manufacturers in the United States and Europe. We are not locked into dispensing only one brand. We will select the appropriate hearing aid that best corrects your hearing loss and fits within your budget.

Hearing aid brands, Starkey, ReSound, Widex, Siemens, Signia, Rexton, Phonak, Oticon

Modern hearing aids are almost invisible, and comfortable and offer a high level of fidelity in sound reproduction and hearing correction. There are many hearing aid types and styles on the market. With the right hearing aids, your life can be transformed.

Your Manan Hearing Professional can help you select the right hearing aids for your hearing correction needs, environment, lifestyle, and budget. Your Manan Hearing expert can fit, adjust, program, and maintain your hearing aids providing you with the best hearing possible.

Hearing aid styles include:

  • Behind-the-Ear (BTE)
  • Receiver in the canal (RIC)
  • Custom In-The-Ear (ITE).
    • Full Shells
    • Half Shells &
    • Completely in Canal

      Hearing Aids

Some hearing aids wirelessly connect to your TV and smartphone.

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How Hearing Aids Work

Hearing aid microphones collect sound from the environment. A microprocessor then converts the incoming sound signal, analyzes it, and adjusts the signal to correct the sound for your specific hearing loss, you then hear the corrected sound through the speaker (receiver) in your ear.

Which hearing aid is right for you? That depends on your hearing loss, the environments where you want to hear better, how active you are, and which technology you are comfortable with.

Hearing Evaluation

Your hearing evaluation will begin with a case history to help determine your type of hearing problem. there will be questions about the onset and severity of your hearing loss, and if you are experiencing dizziness or tinnitus (ringing in the ears). 

With the results of the hearing test and the answers to the questions, your Manan hearing professional may make a referral for hearing aid use, examination by a physician, or other hearing enhancement technologies

There are many hearing aids to choose from. Your Manan Hearing Care Professional will use the information acquired from your case history and hearing test to narrow the choices for you. Ultimately, you will make the final choice on which hearing aid to use. 

Hearing Aid Fitting

During the initial hearing aid fitting, utilizing a computer and hearing aid fitting software, we will adjust the devices to correct your specific hearing loss. We will train you on the proper way to wear your hearing aids and then how to remove, store and maintain them. Learn more about hearing aid fitting here.

Digital Hearing Aids from Manan

Manan Hearing ONLY dispenses 100% Digital hearing aids.

Manan offers several different technology levels of hearing aids, from a basic or essential level of technology, up through and including the highest levels of advanced hearing aid technologies.

The more you wear your hearing aids, the more they will help you.  The more you engage with friends and family and the more you will enjoy life.

One Hearing Aid vs. Two Hearing Aids

If you have hearing loss in both ears, generally you need two hearing aids. 

Hearing aids in both ears will:

  • improve your hearing in noisy environments,

  • help you to determine what direction sounds are coming from,

  • improve your ability to understand speech,

  • helps hear soft sounds,

  • and provides for richer sound quality.

Which Hearing Aid Brands Are The Best?

We have been dispensing hearing aid for over two decades and have selected only the finest hearing aid manufacturers to do business with. We know from experience which hearing aids are best for each specific hearing loss, lifestyle, and technology need.

We will recommend only the exact hearing aids that are best for you.

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How much hearing aids cost depends on many factors. If you live a very simple lifestyle, don’t talk on the phone much, don’t listen to the radio or watch TV, or rarely get out, then your hearing aid technology level will be low and you won’t need to use high technology level hearing aids.

If you lead an active lifestyle and socialize with friends and family, your hearing aid technology level needs to be higher. 

The cost of hearing aids depends on the level of technology needed to satisfy your lifestyle. and enhance your quality of life.


Happy Manan Hearing Aid Wearer

What Determines the Cost of Hearing Aids?

Hearing aid cost is determined by features and function. The more features you need, the higher level of performance you require, and the higher the hearing aid cost will be. 

Similar to other technologies, hearing aid pricing depends on your specific needs and the features integrated into your hearing aid. 

Will Insurance Pay for Hearing Aids?

Unfortunately, hearing aids are generally not covered by your health insurance, with some notable exceptions. Indiana Medicaid may pay for one hearing aid every five years

Medicare does not cover hearing aids.

There are nonprofit organizations may provide some financial assistance for hearing aids, while others may provide used or refurbished hearing aids.

We will help you make the correct choice based on your specific hearing needs, lifestyle and budget. Call us today at


Questions to ask before purchasing hearing aids:

  • Which features would be most beneficial for me?
  • What is the followup care program?
  • Do the benefits of higher level hearing aid technologies justify the higher cost?
  • Length of hearing aid warranty?
  • Are maintenance and repairs covered?
  • What training does the hearing care professional provide?