The proper initial fitting of your hearing aids is a critical element of success with hearing aids.  Manan Hearing Care Professionals are experts in the proper fitting of hearing aids. 

Physically comfort, proper programming, and coaching you in the use and care of your hearing aids are all parts of our initial fitting

Getting the most from your hearing aids

Initially, we will program your new hearing aids based on the results of your hearing test.  Once your new hearing aids are in your ears we will fine tune the sound settings to your individual preferences and unique listening environments.

Hearing is so personally subjective, that even if two people have the same exact hearing loss and wear the same exact hearing aids, they will want their own hearing aids adjusted significantly different than other.

Follow-up Care

We want you to get the most from your hearing aids. Manan’s fitting process usually includes the initial hearing aid fitting and an additional one to three followup fitting visits.  We want to get your new hearing aids adjusted just right for YOU.

Initially, a new hearing aid wearer can be something of a moving target for a hearing care professional.  Remember that you don’t hear with your ears, you hear with your brain.  The initial fitting is almost a “getting acquainted” visit with your hearing aids.  You will hear things that you maybe haven’t heard in a long time.  As you wear your new hearing aids over the first few days your brain will adapt or acclimate to your new hearing.  

After a few days of wear, your Manan Hearing Care Professional will revisit your fitting with you and fine tune the sound setting to your specific needs.

Today’s hearing instruments are highly programmable, and small adjustments make a significant difference. Your hearing aids should be both physically and soundfully comfortable.

If there is any physical discomfort, you should contact us immediately for immediate correction.

Give sound setting changes a few days.  Sometimes what doesn’t sound right initially is really just you hearing sounds that you haven’t heard in a while.

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Getting Used to Your Hearing Aids

It takes time to adjust to hearing aids. In general, the greater the hearing loss and the longer the hearing loss has been present, the more challenging the transition to using hearing aids. We’ve had patients that needed only a few days to get used to their new hearing aids, but most need a few weeks to a few months.

Be realistic. Hearing loss typically develops over many years. Becoming reacquainted with sounds while using hearing aids will take practice and time. It is important not to become disillusioned or frustrated while your brain adjusts to the new sounds provided by your hearing instruments. The time you spend adjusting to your new hearing aids is well worth it.

There is no perfect way to learn how to adjust to hearing aids. Try to be patient with yourself, and return to our office for further adjustments or consultation if needed. We’re here to help you through this process.

Getting the Most from Your Hearing Aids

There are three things you can do to get the most from your hearing aids and to help us adjust them so you get the maximum benefit from wearing them:

  1. Wear the hearing aids as much as possible. The more you wear them, the more you’ll get used to them and, most importantly, the more information you’ll have to tell us so we can make adjustments.
  2. Write down the situations where you feel your aren’t hearing your best, that way, we can re-program the devices to work better in that specific situation.
  3. Be patient. Most of the time we can help you get more from your hearing aids, but it does take two or three visits to make this happen.