Assistive Listening Devices (ALD’s)

The Indiana hearing professionals at Manan Hearing offer many devices to enhance specific listening situations other than hearing aids.

Amplified telephones

Amplified telephones assist the understanding of telephone conversations by increasing the volume. There are many choices. Products vary in price and features. Please call Manan Hearing for more information.

Alarms and Alerting Devices

Manan Hearing offers a variety of assistive hearing devices that keep you safe and secure. Smoke detectors, infant monitoring devices, loud alarm clocks and many others.

TV Listening Systems

TV listening systems allow you to listen to the TV at increased volume without disturbing others. These systems connect directly to your TV via bluetooth or wires and can be used with or without hearing aids.

Personal Amplifiers

For those with hearing loss when hearing aids are not feasible, a personal amplifier can be considered. Personal amplifiers are available a very reasonable costs. They are good for one-on-one conversations and TV listening.

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Mary D.
Indianapolis, IN
"Love my new hearing aids. Manan Hearing has helped me hear the birds sing"
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Hoosier Village
Indianapolis, IN
"I can now participate in all my retirement community's events without struggling to hear. Thank you Manan Hearing!"
Lori K.
Greencastle, IN
"Manan Hearing professionals have given my father excellent care and support. They're always ready to help."
Bradley C.
Evansville, IN
"When I go shooting I always wear my earplugs made by Manan Hearing. I can leave them in all day, they are so comfortable."

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